Why Does my Dog Hump Things?

Updated: Jan 16

If you're reading this you have probably seen a dog that humped a human limb, another dog, or their own belongings even after their neutered/spayed. That humorous image can soon become an annoying habit or an instigating danger.

This behavior is seen in female dogs, male dogs, and even in spayed or neutered canines. Research has shown that humping is more than a sexual behavior for a canine especially when you're observing dogs over a year in age. Research has shown that older dogs hump as a sign of dominance, a play gesture, or as a reaction to something that excites them. This indicates that your dog is socially awkward and can use queues on appropriate canine behavior before this becomes a compulsive go-to.

The quickest way to put a stop to this behavior is by catching it before it happens or when the habit has a chance to begin. Instead of laughing at your puppy or ignoring the behavior entirely you will need to condemn them and give them something to do that is acceptable. Once this habit has developed it becomes difficult to correct - but with some proactive redirection, exercise and obedience training you should be able to nip that behavior in the butt.

If you find that your dog is continuing to hump after doing consistent obedience training, I'd recommend checking with your veterinarian to cancel out any infections. If your dog comes back clear from any problem, I'd look into getting together with a dog trainer to see if they can offer advice to get rid of this problematic behavior.

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