What Should you Feed Your Dog

Updated: Feb 17

Much like humans, a dog's diet is crucial to their health and quality of life. Remember a puppy's diet will require different nutritional needs in comparison to an adult dog.

Now a lot of dog companies genetically process their kibble in order to make large amounts of it, with that being said it is important to look at the ingredients of the food to be sure that there aren't any ARTIFICIAL preservatives. When I go to the store to buy dog food I look for certain things:

  1. The first ingredient(s) should be meat, our dogs are strictly carnivores so that should be the main source of their diet;

  2. I look at the rest of the ingredients. I should be able to understand at least 3/4 of the list if not all. (Anything I'm not sure of I look it up or ask the store clerk);

  3. I base my dog's diet on a low Glycemic Index, meaning I look for Carbohydrates that are less likely to cause increase in blood sugar levels. Examples of these Carbohydrates: sweet potato, yam, apples, oranges, pea extract, dried out blueberries, spinach, dehydrated pomegranate, sun-dried alfalfa meal, chicory root extract, carrots, non-starchy veggie (A diet like this can prevent chronic related diseases like obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease);

  4. I usually choose gluten free dog food because I have found that most, not all, dog foods that are not gluten free contain unnecessary grains followed by a list of ingredients I don't know. I consider these extra ingredients to be fillers in the dog food;

  5. Personal choice of buying dog food, I make sure that I only buy cruelty free research dog food.

Right now I have my dog Rona on N&D (Natural and Delicious) dog food. It's a balanced diet, 60% premium animal ingredients (all 50 of which I understand), 40% fruits/veggies/minerals, and 0% grain.

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