How to Prepare to Be a Dog Parent

Updated: Apr 25

Nowadays everyone wants or already owns a dog, there are approximately 78 million dog owners in the United States alone. Yet, we find that 50 percent of those dog owners re-home or return their dog due to problematic behaviors. These problematic behaviors can be addressed and a resolution can be obtained if you are ready to be a dog owner.

Are you ready? Below is a sequence of steps to help you prepare:

  1. Self reflection is not a strong suit for many of us, but is essential when deciding to own a dog. Are you prepared for the commitment that comes with owning a dog? The financial, emotional, and the time commitment that goes into being a dog parent can cause for extreme measures. Be sure that the breed you choose fits your lifestyle. It is important to be true to yourself and the breed you choose.

  2. Based on your self reflection, I'd recommend taking a quiz to help you find a breed that is best fit for you. I recommenced taking it through This quiz will run you through a series of questions to assess the best breeds for you.

  3. Be sure to research the breeds that were recommended to you before moving forward with your decision. Research temperaments, trainability, energy level and grooming needs for the breed you choose.

  4. Don't be afraid to adopt! Shelter dogs need homes, they need love and care, especially the older dogs. With the right amount of TLC you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. Not to mention you may even be able to find a mix of the breed AKC suggested to be a best fit for you.

  5. Be prepared to wait for your perfect pooch.

  6. When you find your perfect pooch be ready to train and socialize your dog. It's important to get to know your dog and understand what their body language and behaviors mean. Understanding your dog will enable you provide for them in the best way possible.

Attributes to have when owning a dog:

Patient, Committed, Loving, Caring, Responsible, Curious, and Honest.







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