How to Potty Train- Again?

Updated: Apr 25

A friend of mine, asked me for some advice on potty training. Her adorable, sweet, little Pomeranian has started using the restroom in the house again. It’s pretty common for dogs to forget their potty training. Especially when it comes to puppies, small dogs, and old dogs. When this happens, it's time to do a refresher course.

*REMEMBER Try to keep your dog on a consistent bathroom schedule. I’ve found every 3-5 hours (every 30 min - 1 hour for a puppy) works well. When it’s time to potty, take them out to a designated spot and encourage them to go. This is what worked best for me, and your results may vary depending on both you and your dog.

Now I've always thought of potty training in steps:

  1. I recommend keeping them on a leash at all times as they accompany you through the house. That way you can catch your dog before or in the act of having an accident. When you catch them in the act, pick them up and place them in a designated spot outside. If you catch it after the fact, you cannot discipline them. When you have to leave home without your dog, I would recommend kennel training. If your dog is not kennel trained, I would recommend enclosing your dog in a small area of the house until you get back.

  2. I would recommend keeping the leash on your dog and blocking off some areas of the house. Slowly expand the range of free roam as the dog improves with potty training. Be sure to watch she/he like a hawk while free roaming, that way you can catch them in the act of using the restroom in order to correct them properly.

  3. Once your dog has been consistent with potty training for about 5-7 months, you can take off the leash and allow your dog to free roam the entire house.

Don't Do's:

  • Never shove your dogs face in their accident

  • Never yell at your dog for having an accident (After it has happened, it is too late)

  • Never hit your dog

When a dog has started using the restroom in the house again, it is important to go back to the basics. Depending on the severity of the accidents - I would start at one of these steps, and either move forward with improvement or begin at the beginning to ensure the least amount of accidents. If the problem consists, or your dog daily behavior has changed- I would see your local vet.







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