First Lesson- Humane Society: Historically Unfortunate

Updated: Apr 25

CAUTION: The below content is graphic and touches on sensitive information.


Dog handlers will:

participate in

a dog training course at the Humane Society

before taking home their new adopted dog.

using techniques

I share with them to obtain

the necessary basic obedience training,

respect, and communication;


A large influx of animals have been brought to the Humane Society at least 3.5 million shelter animals are euthanized in the United States everyday, one day after 710,000 animals entered the shelters as strays were returned to shelters by their owners in the United States. The rehoming is usually the result of a miscommunication between handler and dog, as well as lack of patience and time. These statistics should be a wake up call for the local government and dog owners to pay special attention to prevent these large numbers. Humane Societies open at about 11:00 a.m. Thirty-two workers are working with these animals and hardly getting paid for their service. This lack of pay and funding adds to these statistical numbers of homeless animals. Animals in kill shelters have five to seven days to be adopted before they are killed. Local government and dog owners remained unalarmed, while animals continue to be euthanized daily. Implementing a training program at shelters before animals go on the floor should decrease the statistics in the United States.


I was walking along the sidewalk, like, in my neighborhood. Someone tossed a 5-year old black Pit Bull from a car onto a corner. I found her unable to move, you know? I called the local Humane Society, they instructed me to bring her to an emergency vet. The vet told me the dog was extremely dehydrated, and the Pit Bulls exterior injuries were likely caused from being used as a bait dog. The vet also mention that the internal injuries indicated sexual abuse. Despise treatment, she died in a few hours. My heart broke, you know? I cried when I left the emergency room that day, said a prayer. I stepped back onto the sidewalk and left.


Inspired by Coal Mountain Elementary by Mark Nowak







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