Caught a case of the "Zoomies"?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

You just finished giving your pup a bath and the second you step out to dry them off, they zoom away and begin running around the house like a maniac. This my friend, is a sudden phenomenon that all dog owners call "a case of the zoomies".

This sudden release of energy can last anywhere from five to twenty minutes depending on the amount of energy your dog needs to release. This is a common behavior, especially in dogs two years old or younger (but dogs of all ages may fall victim to this behavior). Various things can trigger a dog to get a case of the zoomies:

  • After a bath

  • After your dog defecates

  • When playing with a dog, human, or other animal that excites them

  • Zoomies can happen before bed

  • When there is a change in weather

  • When they hear an uncommon sound

Many people argue that dogs fall victim to "a case of the zoomies" when they want to relief stress, because they are bored, or even because they are overly tired. The scientific term from that sudden burst of energy is frenetic random activity periods (FRAPs). While FRAPs are a normal release of energy in the canine world, they can indicate a lack of exercise, but that beats a dog that is "born retired". Put those FRAPs to good use, and take your pup out for a game of fetch, or just a simple walk around the park.

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