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Dog of the week: Australian Kelpie (Kelpies)

Australian Kelpies are known for their hard working, lively, determined, loyal, energetic, and athletic personalities but more importantly they are known for their almond-shaped eyes. Commonly weigh between 35-50Ibs, with their various coat colorings. You can usually distinguish them by their firm hind quarters, broad chest, and floppy ears that perk as they get older.

(Red & Tan, Black, Red, Blue, Black & Tan, Chocolate, and Fawn)

Kelpies were initially bread in the mid 1800s to work harsh hot landscape in Australia's sheep fields. Kelpies have a signature move, "Sheep backing", which allows for them to walk on the backs of sheep to get sheep to move forward towards the gate. Their fluid filled ear canals allows for this breed to gain speed and maintain balance, allowing to reach speeds up to 35 mph.

Old timers say that: "Australia was built on the back of the Kelpie"

Kelpies are highly trainable breed but beware, this breed can become prone to destructive behavior if not properly exercise. You will want to exercise your Kelpie 1-2 hours a day along with weekly brushings due to their dense double undercoat.

Kelpies can have the following health issues:

  1. Hip dysplasia - a common injury in canines that causes the hip socket not to fully cover the ball portion of the upper thighbone

  2. Patellar luxation - a common injury in smaller dogs that causes the dogs knee to bend inwards

  3. Cerebellar Abiotrophy - an inherited degenerative disease that causes the cells of the dog's cerebellum to slowly die. This leads to loss of balance, posture, and coordination

  4. Retinal atrophy - a genetic disorder which causes vision loss and leads to blindness

  5. Collie eye defect - a mutation commonly see in Collies and Australian Shepherds that can cause the retina to detach and lead to blindness

  6. Hypothyroidism - an autoimmune disorder that shrinks or inflames the thyroid tissue

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Jun 07, 2022

Learning something new everyday! Amazing!

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