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Trained2Listen K-9

A well trained human makes for a well trained dog

Sharing your home with an animal can be a dream or a nightmare. Making sure your animal is well trained will give both of you more time to enjoy each other’s company.


In order for you to have a well trained dog you must be a well trained human. My ultimate goal is to teach you how to communicate with your dog. I use several techniques: 

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Relationship-based training

  • Mirror training

I am able to train:

  • Basic/Advanced Obedience Training 

  • Leash Training

  • Behavioral Training

  • Simple Agility Training

  • Service Training


Trained2Listen K-9 was founded in 2019, and has developed special reputation fur-babies and their owners here in Colorado



Training requirements:

  • Dog must have proof of at ALL 3 rounds of Parvo vaccines

  • Dog must be up to date on all other core shots (Distemper, Rabies, Adenovirus 1 infection)

  • Dog is recommended to have flea & tick prevention

  • Owners must inform us of any bite history in the dogs life so we can adequately prepare for an in person session

  • New clients must book a "Required: Initial video call"

Fee description:

  •  Your initial book fee covers 24.9 miles from Aurora to your destination

  • 25.0 miles - 46.4 miles there will be an additional commute fee of $35

  • 46.5 miles -92.9 miles - there will be an additional commute fee of $65

  • 92.9 miles - 139.3 miles there will be an additional commute fee of $75

  • $20.00 more per additional dog

Required: initial video call

Before booking a one hour session with me I'd love to meet you, your family and your dog!


We will go over the history of your dogs behavior and with training and correcting any unwanted behavior.

Need one-on-one training?

If your dog/cat needs help with basic obedience, advanced obedience or more technical training, book an hour session with Trained2Listen K-9.

Is your dog reactive?

This hour session is for any dog that becomes overstimulated in new situations (meeting new people, animals, objects, etc).


This session is focused on giving you the tools you need to understand your dogs behavior and respond in a way that builds confidence in your dog.

Don't see the service you're looking for?

If you're not seeing a service that will work for you and your fur-baby(s) reach out to me directly.


Let's come up with a plan together to reach your goals.

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